Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sedona, AZ Real Estate Homes And Land For Sale. John Stefano Realty, LLC Welcomes You

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A fabulous climate, historic low interest rates, prices that have
dropped in some areas to dramatic levels less than half of what they
were three years ago and a large inventory of properties in all price
ranges have created a strong buyers’ market and a temporary
outstanding opportunity for investment here in Sedona and the Verde

Market Update:  After a 4 year drop in prices due to the pressure of foreclosures and bad lending practices Sedona properties are showing signs of stabilization.  It seems that the market is finally turning around as inventory is dropping, the number of foreclosed properties is down and prices are beginning to move in a positive direction.  Now is a great time to invest in that second home you’ve been thinking about.  Contact me to get the latest inventory report.

Welcome to our website. John Stefano Realty is dedicated to
maintaining the highest level of service and satisfaction to you, our
client, in the purchase or sale of property in Sedona and the Verde
Valley. The abundant natural beauty of our little portion of Arizona
attracts visitors from all over the world and many are drawn to settle
down here and immerse themselves into the lifestyle.

First you need to make the most important decision: to interview
and hire a Broker that has the experience, knowledge and prowess to
find the best possible deal for you and your needs, to fit your budget
and to guide you through the purchase process and keep it smooth and
uneventful to create a positive buying experience. Please call or email
me and let’s discuss you and your needs.

Second, I invite you to search the MLS and Listings, putting in size,
price, location, etc. to see what’s available for you. I look forward to
working with you on your next real estate purchase. Welcome!