Wednesday, May 22, 2019






Sedona and the Verde Valley exerts a powerful pull on many of us including myself and my family.  The natural beauty of the surrounding red rocks and  pristine countryside of gentle rolling hills bounding with lush green vegetation casts a mesmerizing spell that often leads to the purchase of property here.  Where else can somebody own a piece of paradise, voted one of the ten most beautiful places on earth by a famous travel magazine!


When we moved here we were at a loss, not knowing anyone or the first thing about the real estate market here and the different towns and cities in the Verde Valley, so I contacted a Realtor®, in fact several Realtors®, until I found one that had both the time and desire to spend time with us and show and explain what the Verde Valley has to offer.  That was over eight  years ago and the experience got me thinking that there has to be a better way, that clients should be treated with respect and kindness and provided with as much knowledge and information as possible in order to make an intelligent and sometimes emotional decision, often the biggest decision of our lives: purchasing a new home.



We cater to clients from all over the world and can accommodate your purchase of that special Sedona property of your dreams, from a vacation home, corporate retreat, or exclusive luxury estate.  Thanks to the Internet you don’t even have to leave home to purchase, the whole transaction can be done by computer and fax and we will handle all documentation through completion.


Although we use a language translator tool on this site it does not reverse translate, so all responses must be in english in order for us to communicate.


I am the Owner/Broker of John Stefano Realty, LLC.  My brokerage is dedicated to being your premier service provider in representing you whether buying or selling real estate here in Sedona and the Verde Valley.  I am a member of our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and member of the National Association of Realtors®


Today’s real estate market is a definite challenge to comprehend, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Auctions, Trustee’s Sales, For Sale By Owner, etc.  It’s an interesting time with great opportunities available for an investor to cash in on and take advantage and build a nest egg for you and your family.  Market volatility can create substantial profits, and you should not be left out.


First time buyer or seasoned investor?  This is what I will provide to you:


MARKET KNOWLEDGE – First hand knowledge of my area of the world, hot deals, areas to avoid, property values, upcoming properties, homes & vacant land that sellers & banks want to move now, and once in a life time buying opportunities.

NO DRAMA – We all like the movies but most of us don’t want our lives to mimic them.  Specifically, your sales transaction will proceed smoothly with no road bumps.  Have you ever played chess?  Sales transactions today, especially if a lender is involved are not always consumer friendly.  Knowing this (experience) we always plan several moves ahead in order to head off that last minute phone call from your lender stating that “buyer no longer qualifies for their loan”.  This is similar to the Windows blue screen of death and equally welcome.  Anticipation is the difference between a good agent and a great Realtor®.  Solid and constant communication is the key here, I don’t go on vacation while your home is in escrow, I’m here and available 24/7.  You are my client, this is my fiduciary duty to you.  I take my work seriously, but I also enjoy getting your sale closed!!!


This is where I ask for your business.  I want you to interview me as well as other Realtors® and decide who you feel most comfortable with and share good communication.  This is the most significant portion of your new real estate purchase, a Realtor® you trust, have faith in, and one to form a partnership with, not only for now, but for the future.